Cornwall 2017

Hello we are the lucky ones from class 8 who will travel to Cornwall. Our bodys are still in Germany but our minds are already in Cornwall. At the 15th of July our trip will begin. Everyday we are going to write a little summary about our day to keep you informed.



Our trip started at 7 pm at our school in Hechingen.

After we began driving, we had to come back because Mr. Hoffmann had forgotten his passport.10 minutes later we were ready to leave.

We were in a very good mood and sang funny songs. At 11 o'clock we had our first stop close Saarbrücken. But contradictory to what we had planed we had to drive trough Luxemburg and Belgium to Calais (France). There we crossed the channel with the second ferry because we had missed the one at 6 o'clock . During this time nobody really slept.

Two hours later we arrived in Dover. In the bus again , we passed Stonehenge where everyone got excited and took pictures.

In Exeter we took our last break and we had time to walk a little bit around .  

Finally at 6 o'clock we arrived in Penzance and our host families picked us up .

Lena,Leonie,Katrin,Jana M.


Today was our first day in Penzance. After we met at 9.30  am at the harbour our teachers gave us the task to swap toilet paper with people in Penzance in groups of 3 or 4. We got many funny things.

12 o'clock we walked to the beach. After half an hour of walking, we took a boat to the island of St.Michaels Mount. There we visited the castle where some of us took a quiz and won a medd. Our way back was over a trail which you can only cross at low tide because at high tide it's under water.

Back at the beach we went to a restaurant and ate a speciality from England : Cornish Cream, it's scones and black tea with . They were very tasty but the scones were very sweet.

When we had finished we went to the bus and went back to our host family 

It was a very interesting day and we saw the beautiful scenery of Cornwall.

Jana V.,Celine,Jessica,Sophie        


Our day started at 9pm.

We had English lessons in two groups. In the English we did grammar execises, played games like hangman and spoke about logical thinking. At 12 pm the coach picked us up and drove us to Lizard point. Here we began our costal walk to Kynance Cove. At Kynance Cove we went down the cliff walk.There was a small sandy beach and some of us went into the cold water. The other students ate their lunch. When we went back to the bus, it started to rain. The rain and the wind were very heavy and many of the students had no jacket, so they got very wet.

At 6pm we arrived in Penzance.

Gina, Melina, Helen


On Wednesday morning we went to the Eden Project in St. Austell. After a one hour drive we arrived. The Eden Project is a botanien garden with more than 10.000 tropical plants.                   

There are two big' domes made out of recycled plastic. They protect the endangered plants of the world.

First we walked around alone and explored the territory. At 1pm the workshop "Going to Extremes" began. 

Constantin has adapt his self to the rainforest


We learnt how plants in the rainforest survive with the aid of adaptions. In the evening at about 6 o'clock we went back to our hostfamilies. It was a nice day with many new experiences.

Nelli, Sophia


At 9 o'clock we had to be at the bus station where the bus picked us up. After a two hour drive we arrived at Tintagel.

Then we walked for about 10 minutes and visited the ruins where "King Arthur" is said to have lived. After the visit we had time to go shopping in the city.

Then the bus driver took us to a beutiful beach and we could have a look at the so called Bedruthas steps. Unfortunately we weren't able to swim because there was high tide.

At least we went back home at 4 o'clock.It was a very nice trip.

Dennis, Daniel


The day started with a lot of rain. In the morning we had English lessons 9:30am 12:30pm.

Then we took the train to St. Ives we had time to shop, eat and enjoy the town. And the weather finally change from rain to sunshine. In St . Ives Dannys Ice Cream was stolen by an seagulle. At 4:30 we went back to penzance by train. But when we went back the train was nearly one hour delayed. When we finally arrived in Penzance we went back to our families.

Marvin, Max, Constantin


Today we went to the capital of Cornwall:  Truro.

We visited the Cathedral and after that we had a lot of fun going shopping. After our shopping trip a lot of the students didn't have that much money anymore.

We left Truro at 4 o'clock and went to the beach at Saint Michaels Mount . Mr. Hoffmann and Mrs.Köhler grilled a very nice BBQ for us in the evening.


Some of us played football, volleyball or went in the sea. We enjoyed the time together very much .

Anna, Vanessa

And the teachers had fun too.

The teachers had fun too


Today, we could sleep longer.                                           Some students went into stores while other students slept. The Bus picked us up at 11.30 am.

We drove about half an hour. Then we had the first stop. We walked to some famous rocks. The second stop was the same but we had to walk for guile a while.

After that, we went to the Geevor tin mine . There a guide showed us everything and we walked through the mines, which were very small and the taller students had problems to not bump their heads on the ceiling.

When we had finished our visit, we walked along the coast. The view was very great, because the weather was perfect. We arrived at the bus and drove home .

 Moritz & Nils


Our lessons began at 9.30 and he told us how to find jobs we like and how to get them. For exemple how to write a  resume ( with name add etc.) and how you should behave in a interview. At 12.30 our driver Michael drove us to the coast.

We walked for a while and stopped at a lovely beach. The water was very cold but that didn`t hold us back from going after we had been in the water. We played football and we really enjoyed it. It was a sunny day so our clothes dried fast. After enjoying the beach for 2 hours we had to walk the whole way back to get ice cream but it was very tasty. Some people bought some crisps and coke in the store next to the ice cream store.

After we walked up the  "mountain" to the bus Michael drove us to the Minack Theatre where we watched "Kiss me Kate". The story includes by Shakespeare, it's called taming of the Shrew. So it was very complicated because it swich between "Kiss me Kate" and " Taming of the Shrew". However the theater is a beutiful place with a nice view of the sea. But it also was a long day and thats's why everybody quickly went to sleep.

Luis, Sebastian


This was our last day in Cornwall before we go back to Germany. The bus picked us up at 10:30am and drove us to Lanhydrock House, near Bodmin.

The house is in a big park and has a beautiful garden with flowers. On a set way we could walk through the house in small groups. It was interesting to see the differences between the life of the servants and the family. Also there were great pictures and lovely furnitures.

Then we went back to our host family. In the evening we wanted to see the fireworks at Land's End. But it was cancelled because of the foggy weather. So we all had fun on the playground:)



In the morning at 10 o'clock the bus picked us up at the harbour in Penzance where we had met before. It was rainy. Therefore it was easier for us to leave.

Our first stop was near Exeter at 12:30pm. Then we drove on from 13:15 to 15:30 when our next stop was. The break was about 1,5 hours long. It was very still rainy and not very nice, but it wasn't cold.

At 8 o'clock pm we areived at the harbour in Dover where we tried to catch an earlier ferry because we were about 2 hours early but that wasn't possible. Then we had time until 21:40 to go in shops or chilling outside.

At 22:00 o'clock we went on the ferry. The crossing took about 2 hours. We arrived in Dünkirchen at 1:40pm and changed our driver. His name is Roney.

Then we drove for almost 5 hours and everybody was sleeping. Near Wittlich we stopped from 7am to 7:45am. After that stop there was much traffic so we were a bit late.

Our last stop were near Hockenheim for 45 minutes at 11am. We continued driving and at the end we arrived in Hechingen where our parents were waiting for us.