Cornwall 2013



Departure July 17th at 3 pm:



Day 1-2


We left Hechingen at 15:30. 15 minutes later we had the first break, because Oliver forgot his passport. Then we drove on into the direction of Strasbourg. After we had arrived in Strasbourg we continued our journey through France and reached Calais. We took the ferry at 3:00 am and went to Dover. it took us 1 1/2 hours to cross the channel. Some people wore a T-shirt on the ship and for them it was really cold. When we arrived in England everybody tried to sleep in the bus. On our way we saw Stonehenge (Bild 2). At 11:00 am we stopped in Exeter where we visited the Cathedrale. After that we could walk around in the town. At 1:05 pm we continued our trip to Penzance. We arrived a3:30 pm in Penzance. The families took us to their homes  half an hour later and we spent the night at their house.   


                                                                     (Bild 2)

Day 3


We all met at 9:30 pm at the bus station near the harbour. First we played a game. We had to change toilet paper into other things. it was really intresting what you could get, for example two t-shirts or a ball. Then we went to the coast and ate there. Afterwards we hiked along the beach (Bild 3). Finally we rode in a boat to an island. On the island was St. Michaels Mount (Bild 4). At the top of the hill was a castle. The landscape was beautiful. You could see the whole of Penzance. Then we had some Cream Tea, which is a traditional Cornish dish. At about 5 o'clock the bus picked us up and took us back to Penzance.


 (Bild 3)                                                                                            (Bild 4)


Day 4

Our day started at 9 o'clock. The first bus stop was in Hearmoor, where the pupils who live there for the study tour, got in. At 9.10 am. we drove to Newlyn and picked up the three girls from there. Our last stop was in Penzance at 9.16 am.
In the morning there was low tide at Penzance harbour and some pupils were afraid that there would be low tide on the Porthcurno beach (Bild 5), too. When we arrived in Porthcurno there was still low tide but there was enough water to go into the sea. There were nice big waves and we had a lot of fun at the beach and in the water. At 1.30 pm we had to be back at the bus. We drove to our next stop, the Merry Maidens and could take a photo. We also danced around the Merry Maidens (actually just big and very old stones) because this means luck for the next years (Bild 6).
After that we made a coastal walk and on the top we had a beautiful view of the coast and the sea. We finally arrived in Mousehole, a small village on the coast where we could buy some souvenirs and had some ice cream.
We all had a wonderful and nice day with nice weather.
In the evening many pupils met at the skatepark to have fun together.


 (Bild 5)                                                                                            (Bild 6)

Day 5

In the morning we could do what we wanted. In England the shops are open on Sundays, too, so we could do some shopping. At 12 o'clock we all met at the bus, which was waiting at the harbour. First we had a look at some very old Cornish stones. They are more than 3000 years old and have mysterious legends (Bild 7). After we had visited the stones we went to a tin mine. We went on a guided tour and learned how the miners worked in the 80s and how they discovered tin (Bild 8). We also went to the underground and could have a look at the old tunnels. It was dark, narrow and wet there. While waiting for the tour to the underground we washed sand to find some very small valuable stones. We used the old method to find the stones. We got back to Penzance at about 5.30 pm. Later we and some of the host families had a BBQ at the beach. At about 10 o'clock we had to go home.

                          (Bild 7)                                                                                            (Bild 8)

Day 6

After breakfast we had to go to school today (Bild 9). Caroline and John - the two teachers - expected us there at 9 o'clock. John is a quite funny teacher. We split up into two groups. Then we played some games and spoke English, and we really had fun.
After school we could decide whether we wanted to go to the beach or to the Telegraph Museum. Most of us wanted to go to the beach, although the weather was not really nice. But we still had fun with the sand, and Simon even went into the sea.
At 3 o'clock we all met again to go to the Minack Theater. There we had to act out a play about King Arthur (Bild 10).
When we were already on our way back, Sebastian realized that he had forgotten his glasses in the theater. We had to go back, but he found his glasses and we finally could go home and were back at Penzance at about 5.30 pm.


 (Bild 9)                                                                                          (Bild 10)


Day 7

In the morning the bus picked us up at 9 o'clock and drove us to the Lanhydrock mansion (Bild 11). first we had to wait because it wasn't open yet. But we could have a look at the gardens. The building was owned by a Lord wiith his family and it is big, really pretty and nicely furnished. We filled in a quiz while walking through the majestic building. Afterwards we had a short break in the beautiful garden where we could eat our food.
At about 1 pm we got back on the bus and drove to the socalled Bedruthan Steps (Bild 13). It's a beautiful cliff with a gigantic beach and incredibly awesome rocks. We went down to the beach and walked on the sand. After some time the flood slowly came in and we had to leave.
We reached Penzance at about 5.30 pm.


(Bild 11)                                                                                            (Bild 12)



Day 8

Today we went to school at 9 o'clock. There we had to do a quiz and played games which were about the English pronunciation. At the end of the lesson we had to do our own advertisement on something we wanted. On Friday we will have to present it in our groups.
After school we went to Pendennis Castle which is a stronghold (Bild 13). We had about an hour to look at everything. There were tunnels and big walls. Furthermore, there were big and small cannons everywhere because they were needed to defend the castle and the country.
At last we went to a little town named Falmouth (Bild 14). There we could do some shopping or eat something, we just went around in small groups. After that we drove back to Penzance. On our way we got a lot of rain. But by the time we reached Penzance it had stopped again.


              (Bild 13)                                                                                          (Bild 14)



Day 9

The bus picked us up at about 9 o'clock. We drove one hour to the "Eden Project" (Bild 15). There were many greenhouses and in ecah greenhouse there was a special climate, e.g. Rainforest Biome or Outdoor Biome. You could see very special plants and flowers. We left the Eden Project at one o'clock and drove to Truro, the capital of Cornwall. There we went shopping for three hours.
After that we went back to Penzance and went to KFC where we had dinner all together before we drove to Land's End. There we had a look at the coast and watched fantastic fireworks (Bild 16). We got home at eleven o'clock. It was a great and long day. That's the reason why our daily report is really late today.


(Bild 15)                                                                                        (Bild 16) 

Day 10

On Friday, July 26th we all met at 9o'clock at Penwith College. We had our last three lessons at school. There we acted out some scenes and the commercials we had prepared. It was very funny.
At 12 o'clock school was over and Michael picked us up with his bus. He drove us to Land's End. We had our lunch there. Then we went on another coastal walk for two hours. It was hard because it was really warm and we all were really thirsty. But we had a beautiful view of the sea and the cliffs (Bild 17).
In the evening we went to a disco (Bild 18). W danced and sang. It was a very nice day.


(Bild 17)                                                                                         (Bild 18)


Day 11

Our last day in England started at the train station at 8.40 am. That day we went by train and it took us half an hour to get to St. Ives (Bild 19). We could swim and also do some shopping. There were quite a lot of people on the beach and in the town there were lots of nice shops. At 14.45 pm we had to be back at the train station in St. Ives and took the train to Penzance again where we arrived at about 4 o'clock. We had time to go to the shops to buy some food and drinks for our journey back to Germany.
In the evening we had to pack our suitcases.


(Bild 19)


Day 12

Our host families took us to the harbour early in the morning where we all left Penzance at 8 o'clock with our bus. We drove through a region called Dartmoor where we saw a prison and wild horses. At about two o'clock we arrived at Stonehenge, which we wanted to visit. But it was very expensive to get in, so we only looked at the stones from far away and took some pictures.
This was our last sight on our tour. After that we drove straight on to the ferry. When we arrived in France our bus driver, Michael, left us and Peter, another bus driver,  drove us all the way back to Hechingen. We watched a film and it was a long night with not very much sleep. So when we finally arrived in Hechingen at about 8.30 am. we were tired  but also happy that we could go home to our beds and our bathrooms.