Cornwall 2016


Hey everyone, on Saturday we'll leave Hechingen and start our exciting trip to Cornwall!

To keep you guys informed we are going to share our experiences with you everyday.





July 16th, 2016



Today our adventure starts!

We left Hechingen with a little delay and we are now on our way to the harbour of Calais from where our ferry departs.

We are currently driving with the great bus of Wiest+Schürmann and we are really thankful for the relaxed driver.





July 17th, 2016


Dear parents and family members, this night we haven't slept very much, because the bus is

not a good place to sleep. After ten hours we arrived in Calais where we changed the bus driver.

We had to get off the coach to show our identity cards.

After this experience we went by a big ferry for two hours. A few people bought something in the shops.

After this, we saw a the spectacular Stonehenge. Our next step was Exeter, a beautiful and old

city where we made a two hours break. We sat in a beautiful park in front of a big cathedrale

and we ate delicious ice cream. Then after two more hours, we arrived in Penzance where our host

families were wating for us.

Laura & Lena







July 18th, 2016


Today was our first full day in Penzance.

We met the others at the bus station near the harbour around 9:30 am.

We explored the city with a game. At the beginning everybody ( in groups of 3/4 members) had

a toilet paper role. Our first tries to swap were a total failure. The people ignored us and walked

straight away but then it worked. After 2 hours we all met again at the bus station. Sone of us

had flowers, guitar straps, books etc.. As soon as everybody was back we began to walk.

We started at the bus station and walked along the beach. We could even walk in the ocean.

After 1-2 hours we arrived at a boat station and a man drove us to the island St. Michael Mount

by boat. Over there we had to find a heart shaped stone on the pathway. We walked on the

pathway until we reached the castle. We walked through the castle and a church. But we

weren't that interested in the castle because the view was breathtaking, one of the most

beautiful places and the weather was also great. A few people bought ice cream. We walked

back to the boat station. Mrs. Bartl-Klippel took us to a beautiful restaurant the "Godolphin Arms"

she intoduced us how to eat cream tea (scones, clotted cream, jam and black tra). This restaurant

had the best view ever even in the restrooms. The atmosphere was just wonderful.

A gorgeous day and the most people loved it.

Ladina, Jana-Naemi, Jana, Lisa





July 19th, 2016


This morning we met at 9 o'clock at Penwith College where we had an Englisch lesson with Caroline and Roy.

We prepared some questions for Italian students and we talked to them. After that we went back to the English

lessons and played some games. Now we took the coach and went to a street in the middle of nowhere.

From there we walked 7 Miles towards Land's End, the most western point of Britain and it was very

exhausting. For the wayback we got back on the coach. In the evening we went to Saint Michael's

Mount Bay and made a tasty barbecue onthe beach. It was a really exiting day.


Michelle & Madlen





July 20th, 2016


Dear parents, today we had again english lesson in the college. After the lesson we went to the bus station and

waited for a long time. We went to Lanyon Quoit (an ancient stone building) and immediately after that to

Mên-an-tol. In the evening we went to the Minack Theatre and saw the play: "A Midsummer Night's Dream"


Michelle & Madlen



July 21th, 2016


Today we were at the Eden Project. We left at half past 9 am. When we arrived, we had time to ourselves

for two hours. At half past 1 pm we visited the workshop  "going to Extremly". There we learned about

adaption and the ways plants cope with their environment. After this workshop we went back to our

hostfamilys and we had time to get ready for the disco, which we vistited together with a group of Italian

Students. It was good fun.


Tobias, Malek, Noah






July 22nd, 2016


Today was our last schoolday in cornwall. After that we went to the trainstation by foot. At 1pm we went to

St. Ives by train. In St. Ives we had 4h and 15min to go shopping and eating. Maxi, Tobi, Noah and Malek

have put on a rainbow hellokitty tatoo on their arms. At 5:45 we went back to Penzance.


Paul & Mateo





July 23rd, 2016


Hey everyone! Today, we didn't have lesson and so we met at 9 am at our bus stations. First, we went to

Tintagel. There was a mystic castle, and everyone thinks, that it was the castle of King Arthur, so we

definitly wantd to visit it. The ruin is placed on really high cliffs and the way up there was really exhausting.

But on the top, we had our first little lunch break. After about an hour, we went back to the town  on a coast

path, where our second break was and where a lot of us ate fish 'n' chips. After everyone was full, the bus

took us to our next stop close to the Bedruthan Steps. There we walked on the coast path to a beach, where

we could see a lot of wonderful stones. A lot of us took pictures, so you can see what it was like when we are

back home. On the way back to Penzance, we drove through St. Agnes because it plays a role in the new

English book in year 6 and our teachers want to tell their students that they have been there yet. After all

this experiences, we went back to Penzance and all of us enjoyed their free evenings outside with the Italians

or in their host families.


Larissa P., Anna, Larissa H.





July 24th, 2016


Today we had time to ourselves till 12:30. Some of us were sleeping in and some went shopping for example

at the Wharfside shopping centre near the harbour. Due to the weather we had to change our program for the

afternoon, so we didn't go for yet another costal walk but we went to Truro, the capital of Cornwall. After a

1 hour drive, we arrived in Truro. It is an amazing city with so many shops and little cute cafés. There we

visited the cathedral and we did a challenge which was to find something that we liked or which reminded

us of sth. and show it to the rest of the group afterwards. Our teachers picked three of us who then had

to explain why they chose their thing. After that we explored Truro. The city is quite impressive and beautiful.

We finally arrived back at Penzance at 17:00.


Judith, Tanja, Jana





July 25th, 2016


This morning all students were picked up at half past nine to go to Landhydrock.

Landhydrock is a big old estate with great gardens. It's a bit like Downton

Abbey.... we could explore the house and see what life of

the servants was like and what life of the “family“ was like.

At half past two o'clock we continued our travel. Our next

stop was the Sainsbury's, which is a supermarket. We could

re-stock on food and drink for the long way home

tomorrow. Then we returned to Penzance for the last time.


Erik, Jan & Marko





July 26th/27th, 2016


We are pretty tired from the long way home.

We are all glad to be back again and hope our mothers have prepared delicious

german lunch.

It was a great time in Cornwall and we had lots of fun.

But now we are looking forward to our summer break.

We will arrive in Hechingen at about 11:40.

See you soon!


The Cornwall group