Cornwall 2015


In zwei Tagen gehts los. Wir sind bereit, aber die Aufregung wird immer größer


Sunday 19/07/2015 and Monday 20/07/2015

We left Hechingen at 3:20pm, we crossed the Black Forest. Our first stop was near Straßburg. At midnight we celebrated Katja's birthday. At 1:40am our first bus driver said good bye and Michael, who will be our driver for the next ten days, joined us. After that we drove to the customs, this took too much time, so we passed the ferry and had to take the next terry at 4:35am. 

When we entry England the time was turned backwords one hour. At 5:20am we finally arrived in Dover. Everyone was really tired and happy to be back in the bus. Between the next stops everyone tries to sleep. The longest stop was in Exeter, there we had two hours to went to the city. 

The arrival in Penzance was at 4:00pm. Everyone was exited to see the familys.

by Elisabeth and Giulia


 These were Katja's little presents from our teachers: a little cake, a candy jewelry and soapbubbles


Waiting for the ferry :D


In cornwall is the weather much better, than in the other parts of England.
The climate is subtropical. 


 Tuesday 21/07/2015

 After breakfast we met at the bus station near the harbour at 9:30. Our teachers gave us German toilet paper. We had to change it into other things. So we had to speak with the people. Some got a cookbook, candles, money from other countries or a make-up-set. At 12:00 we met again at the bus station. Than we walked along the coast to St. Michael Mount. After a while we had a break to eat something. Some went into the sea, but it was very cold.Afer about two hours we arrives at St. Michaels Mount. We visited the castle and the church.  The view from the castle was fantastic. Unfortunotely the sun was shining all the time. At 16:15 we met at a meeting point when all of us were there we went back to Marazion, where the bus was waiting for us to take us back to Penzance.

by Christine, Pauline, Hannah and Annika

The flag of Cornwall


The view from St. Michaels Mount


Wednesday 22/07/2015

In the morning we had the first time english lessons. One half of our group was taught by Roy, the other half by Caroline. We were taught from 9 o´clock to 12 o´clock. Then the coach picked us up at the school and took us first to a park to sit and relax. Then we stpped at stones called Merry Maidens. The girls danced around because they tought that it means luck. After that we walked on the cliffs. The landscape was very beautiful. Later on we arrived in Mousehole, a small, very nice village with many fisherboats and an old harbour. In the night, after dinner, we went to Land´s End to see the sunset.

by Florian, Johannes and Julian


The view from the cliffs on the sea.


The wonderful sunset at Land's End.


Merry Maidens


 Thursday 23/07/2015

At 9.00 am the school began with our teachers Roy and Caroline. After three hours the bus picked us up at school and we drove to  Polggigia a place close to the coast. We        walked a long way, which was also new for the teachers. Then it started raining. But we found the right way. There were a lot of spectacles views. After about 4 hours we         arrived at the Porthcurno beach and many of us went into the cold water.Then we were drive to our host families. Where we ate something . In the evening we went to the                                                                                karaoke nightFriday. Where we met a group of Italiens.


 by Cramen und Jennifer

At the beach

In the karaoke bar

Friday 24/07/2015

Today we left Penzance at 9 o'clock. At 10.45 we arrived at the Eden Project, a big centre, where different biomes Arena Show, for example the tropical rainforest. First we had a small introduction about how and why the Eden Project was founded. Our workshop, that was called "Going to Extremes" , was about the question who is better in surviving in and adapting to extreme climates - plants or humans. From 12.15 to 13.15  we had time to visit the tropical rainforest and we saw a lot of colorful and beautiful plants. After that we learnt something about photosynthesis and how it works. It was very interesting. Finally most pupils thought that plants are better in adaping with extreme biomes than humans. After the workshop we had time to explore the Eden Project on our own. In the evening we had free time.


                                                                                                                                               by Amy and Svenja

Eden Project

Saturday 25/07/2015

At 9:300am we left wenzance. At 11:05am we arrived at the Bedruthan Steps. The legnd tells the name came from a giant called be Bedruthan, who build the bolders as stepping stones to walk across the way at high tide. we could see the tide coming in the beach. There were big waves, which broke on the boulders. It was very impressive. Then we had a lunchbreak there. After that we took the bus to Lanhydrock. That's an old, big mansion which you can visit. It was built between 1595 and 1642. But in 1881 there was a big fire and most parts were ruined. Because of that it was repaired, but with the newest technology, for example la, ps or acentral heating. It was very interesting. After that we wanted to go to the Bedruthan steps again to see the low tide, but there wasn't enough time. So we took the bus home. At 6.00pm we went to barbecue at the beach. That was a great day

by Helena und Leonie

 That's Landhydrock



Sunday 26/07/2015

In the morning we had some free time. Many of us went to the center of Penzance because the shops were open. At 11:30, we went with the bus to Geevor Tin Mine. On the way to the Mine, we stopped at Lanyon Quoit wich are 4 Stones. They look like a table with three legs. We stopped also at Mên-on-Tol. This is also a stone building, but it looks like a donut. A legend tells that it means luck if you pass the hole. When we arrived at the Tin Mine we saw the old buildings of the Mine. We went on a guided tour through the old buildings and the mine. We also saw the underground area, where the miners used to work up to 1990.

by Julius and Tiim



 Monday 27/07/2015

This morning we had school for the last time from 9:00 am to 12:00pm. After that we drove to the Lizard Pensale. We hiked along the coast and it was very windy, but we had an exellent view of the coast. On the coast we saw some sea lions. After a short break we went to Kynance Cove. There we saw some dephines, but we couldn't, but we coudn't photofraph them, because they were gone very fast. After this hiking-adventure we were driven home.

by Leon and Luca


Tuesday 28/07/2015

Today we left at our bus stations at 8:30am and drove to the harbour near falmouth. From there we took a ferry to Truro. When we arrived at Truro it was 12:00 pm. We had time until 3:30 pm to go shopping in the city. We drove back to Penzance and arrived there at 4:30 pm. In the evening we watched a play at the Minack theater. It was very funny and we tried to understand all.  

by Laura, Katja, Bengi, Leonie and Melina

Wednesday 29/07/2015 

This morning we met us at 8:45 am at the bus station near the harbour. Then we drove with the train to St. Ives, where we had time to go shopping from 9:30 am to 2:45 pm. We bought souvenirs, ate something or went to the beach. At 3:00 pm we drove back to Penzance with the train too. In the evening we had freetime to buy things, pack suitcases and enjoy the last evening. 

by Jule and Franziska

Thursday 30/07/2015 and Friday 31/07/2015 

At Thursday we drove back to Germany. At 8 o'clock we met at the bus station near the harbour. From 8:00 to 9:00 o'clock we cleaned our bus, because it was very dirty. Micheal, our driver, was very happy about that. At 9 o'clock we left Cornwall. We had many breaks during the ride. During the breaks we ate, went to the toilet and so on. At 20:15 to 23:15 we took the Ferry. At 23:30 we changed the driver in Calais. From 23:30 to 7:15 everybody slept in the bus, then we had again a break. At 10:15 we arrived again in Hechingen. It was a very good time in Cornwall but we think everybody is happy, that we are in Hechingen again.

by Eslem and Berivan